14 Nov

Cagliari, sailing a course for 20 students (Unione Sarda)

Twenty students graduated from Boat “Buccari” ready to sail: at sea, but also in the world of work. The twelve months of paid board are part of the second part of the course “Senior technician for the conduct of merchant ships”, born from an initiative of the Institute of Technical Cagliari Viale Colombo and the regional agency for the job.

The goal: to train ten students and as many officers Machine Navigation. The project was presented this morning during a press conference at the Cruise Terminal at Pier Ichnusa. “We embark – said the Director, Stephen Tunis – chosen from the best young students: young people who have bet their future. Certainly not waiting for them a comfortable life, but it is an important step in their lives and their passion “. The Agency’s work contributes to the initiative with funding of 200 thousand euros. The guys will embark on the ships of the two companies Augusta, Montanari, Synergas, Marnavi. It will be a milestone achievement for the professional officer for approval with the exam at the Harbour Office. The first phase of the course took place in the classroom with seven hundred hours of lessons: now, instead, we set sail.

Monday, November 14, 2011 12:54