the fleet


This is the most modern and technologically advanced branch of the Company. Since 2009 the Company has been commissioned with continuous progression 14 new units, which in 2017 will bring the entire fleet to fifteen offshore units overall. Today our offshore fleet consists of 3 MPSV “Multi Pourpose Supply Vessel”, 4 AHTS “Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel” with Bollard Pull from 84 to 140 tons and a power ranging from 6,500 to 11,000 HP all equipped with Dynamic Position 2. 1 AHT “Anchor Handling Towing Vessel” classified and arranged also for “Salvage” operations. 4 units for worldwide towing and recoil assistance, 1 Shuttle tanker and 2 Cargo Barges with deadweight ranging from 7000 to 9000 Tons.

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NG Driller Offshore NG Driller

Year 2009 - ODV NG Driller

Ievoli Relume Offshore Ievoli Relume

Year 2004 - OSV Ievoli Relume

NG Worker Offshore NG Worker

Year 2009 - MPSV

Ievoli Amber Offshore Ievoli Amber

Year 2017 - MPSV MMC 879L CD

Ievoli Cobalt Offshore Ievoli Cobalt

Year 2016 - MPSV MMC 879L CD

Ievoli Ivory Offshore Ievoli Ivory

Year 2015 - MPSV MMC 887 CD

Ievoli Grey Offshore Ievoli Grey

Year 2013 - AHTS Ievoli Grey

Ievoli Amaranth Offshore Ievoli Amaranth

Year 2013 - AHT Ievoli Amaranth

Ievoli Black Offshore Ievoli Black

Year 2010 - AHTS Ievoli Black

Ievoli Blue Offshore Ievoli Blue

Year 2010 - AHTS Ievoli Blue

Ievoli Coral Offshore Ievoli Coral

Year 2010 - AHTS Ievoli Coral

Ievoli Shuttle Offshore Ievoli Shuttle

Year 2009 - S/V Ievoli Shuttle

Ievoli White Offshore Ievoli White

Year 2004 - M/Tug Ievoli White

Ievoli Green Offshore Ievoli Green

Year 2002 - AHT Ievoli Green

Ievoli Red Offshore Ievoli Red

Year 2001 - M/Tug Ievoli Red