Services Enhancement of own performance

The management of Marnavi S.p.A. states that own activities are managed by following the criteria set by Quality, Environment standards, that the continuous enhancement of own performance in regards of Customer satisfaction, environment protection, health and safety of employers are assumed as targets.


Design and implementation of an integrated organizational system.


Planning of periodic inspections and reviews of such an integrated management system.


Systematic monitoring of customer satisfaction index.


Operate in accordance with the laws in force applicable to its activities.


Manage your activities by making the most of the available resources.


Minimise the impact of your operations on the environment.


Recognizing that the needs of its customers and their satisfaction are the main priorities in carrying out its activities.

Services Security

Marnavi SpA make all personnel aware of the need to be vigilant to protect life, property and operational practices against armed robbery,  act of violence,  piracy and terrorist attack.
Company procedures and instructions are issued to comply with ISPS code and use best endeavours for the above occurrences.

Our Safety and performance excellence at our customer service.
Company Certifications

The Company personally manages its own crews, controls all safety requirements and its technical office and arranges its own chartering. Thus the accredited ISM as well as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications guarantee the smooth running of the entire shipping activity.

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