3 Jan

Drill – MT Enrico iIevoli collision with floating object – closing out

Pls note that as per preliminary calculation, transfer of Cargo and ballast is feasible. 
Because of big volume of fuel oil and water mixture (about 220 cbm) the same will be transferred to an empty cargo tanks ( 9P) which is empty, cleaned and inerted.  
This action is to minimize / eliminate further pollution
Dispersants has been not used.
Crack is visible and above the waterline
Vessel is trimmed about 1.50 metres by Fwd and is anyway fully capable to reach any ports close to the our position. No any assistance is required  
Awaiting instructions

we are in receipt of the final situation ascertained on board.
From our conversation we understand that no instruction has been received from costal authority for the usage of dispersant over the spilled fuel and that the weather situation is worsening. 
The fact that with the ballast and cargo transfer the damage has been taken out of the water and the residual fuel mixed with water has been transferred to a other fuel tank has minimized the pollution risk, but in this condition you are instructed to call the nearest port in order to let the Class inspect the damaged area and dictate remedial action before continuing navigation.
The technical office which reads us in copy will provide necessary organization