Corporate Governance

Ethic Code

By adopting the Ethic Code, Marnavi S.p.A. pursues the primary goal to create a self-control system in which the value of corporate ethics is perceived not as result of a conduct imposed from the top management, but a result of a process aimed at sharing, understanding and applying the principles and values set out by the Ethic Code that Marnavi implements on a daily basis.

The principles and values set out by the Ethic Code and corresponding behavioural rules are pursued and complied with at any time during the corporate activity and in any context in which the company operates. The implementation of this Code falls within the personal responsibilities of each Recipient.

This Ethic Code represents a fundamental step of the decision-making process that led Marnavi S.p.A. to elaborate its Organizational, Management and Control Model aimed at preventing crimes: a system of preventive measures in which the Code finds its natural place as source of self-discipline concerning corporate operations based on ethics.

Ethic Code (ITA)
Ethic Code (EN)

Decree 231

Marnavi S.p.A. formalizes and describes, in this summary document of the Organization Management and Control Model, a systematic series of principles, rules and control tools, in order to develop and manage an organisational system on wide range, aimed at preventing and fighting crimes that, pursuant to the Decree 231/2001, give rise to the administrative liability of the Company who had an interest or gained an advantaged in committing the crime.

The Company is sensitive to the need to diffuse and consolidate a culture based on uprightness, integrity and transparency in conducting business and the corporate activities, in order to protect its image and position, shareholders expectations and work of all employees.

Marnavi S.p.A. is aware of the importance to adopt an internal organizational system suitable to prevent illicit behaviours by shareholders, directors, employees, representatives and business partners.

Decree 231 (ITA)