ISM Policy

The policy refers to the ships managed by MARNAVI S.p.A., hereinafter called the Company.

The Company, well aware of her own responsibilities is completely committed to the Safety, Health and the Protection of the Environment.

The Company states that every operation carried out by its own personnel, both ashore and aboard the ships, shall enhance the pledge to achieve the company targets, here below listed by priority:

  • To prevent physical injuries and loss of human lives among the Crew;
  • To preserve and protect the Environment;
  • To maintain the technical and operational efficiency of the Ships at the utmost level;
  • To protect the ships and their crews from the consequences of illegal practice;
  • To manage the ships and transport the cargo (oil and chemical products, passengers, foodstuffs, vehicles and goods) in a safe and efficient manner.

The Company ensures that all activities of its major areas are healthy and safety. All personnel must comply with regulation and instructions, and take all precautions to protect themselves and the other persons they work with.

The Company Commitment includes the design, construction and ship’s operation. All work spaces on board are covered.

The Company requires that in case of conflict between economic or commercial motives and the above mentioned targets, the Master shall give priority to the latter.

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets, the Company will provide the necessary resources and qualified personnel, describe her own organization, identify precise duties and responsibilities, establish training requirements and coordinate all tasks so as to:

  • Ensure the safe operation of the ships and the protection of the environment, in compliance with the rules and regulations of law;
  • Continuously improve the technical and operational expertise of the personnel on board and ashore;
  • Maintain the level of training of the crew at the maximum level;
  • Be always ready, both aboard and ashore, to face emergency situations;
  • Ensure the observance of all the Conventions and international, national rules and class requirements;
  • To enforce, where and as appropriate, the minimum industrial standards.

The Company will inform all the personnel about the specific tasks assigned to them and will require their utmost effort to achieve the aforesaid targets.

However, as far as the management and the operation of the ships are concerned, the Company leaves unchanged the authority of the captain to override, to act or give orders as may be deemed necessary for the safety of life, for the safety of the ship and fot the protection of the environment, regardless as to compliance with company procedures or instructions.

The Master also has the responsibility to inform the Company immediately in case of any accident or non-compliance of the ship with the given standard which can jeopardize the safety of human life and of the ship, or which can cause environmental pollution.

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets, the Company has the following instruments:

  • An efficient organization aboard and ashore to guarantee Safety, Health and Environment protection;
  • A Safety Management Manual, concerning the rules contained in the ISM CODE and all relevant procedures, complying with IMO Resolution 741(18): “Guidelines on Management for Safe Operation of Ship and Pollution Prevention.”;
  • A Quality System conform to ISO 9001/2000;
  • Compliance to ISO 14001 for the protection of the Environment;
  • Medical screening of the personnel aimed to ensure their health and the on board spaces hygiene.

All the above mentioned targets and the available instruments to achieve them, make up, in the whole, the “Company policy regarding to safety, health and environmental protection”.