Mission and Vision



MARNAVI  S.p.A – Company Policy



Company Policy is referred to the ships managed by Marnavi S.p.a here in after called  “Company”



Our Values


Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Competence, Effectiveness, Accountability



Our Employees


As family-owned company we care about our employees by respecting the individual, offering equal opportunities and diversity. We invest in the development of our employees and wish to keep them long-term





Marnavi is a shipping Company and our goal is to grant our stakeholders the highest quality and safest carriage by Sea of all liquid cargoes with a special focus on oil and chemical products. Our specialization requires utmost knowledge and care to grant the maximum safety to the people and the environment and we intend to achieve this result through our experience, the wide range of policies and practices, dictated by continuous improvement of our SHE& Q (safety, Health, Environment and Quality) integrated management system, the training and teamwork. The training of our employees both on board and ashore their growing experience and their careers within our ranks are giving the Company the added value of cohesion and cooperation necessary to an effective teamwork, where the clear leadership melts with the individual creativity of employees and managers. We value the ethical behaviour of our employees, the responsible care of human life and environment, the absence of any discrimination of gender and race. This the path to excellence both operational and moral and it is recognized that this can only be achieved by sharing the above-mentioned common values and commitments. Spreading this culture throughout the Company is the duty of this management. The success of our mission is measured by the satisfaction of our Customers. Our daily work aims to achieve and maintain the goals of zero incidents, zero spills, zero detentions condition on all our vessels.





To be the world most trusted customer-centred carrier of OIL CHEM Products Company, able to transport any cargo our customer may want in safe and environmentally sustainable way, being able to contribute to the environment and the communities where we leave work and trade.


Our Policies